We focus on performing machinery installation services or complete lines of European manufacturers in North America (Mexico, USA and Canada)

Our services


Bilingual technical support.

We provide technical, administrative and operational assistance, in accordance with instructions received and verify the effectiveness of the methods.

Availability to travel.

We guarantee the negotiation in any part of the world.

Direct deal with equipment manufacturers.

We develop all the tasks from the same company; from manufacturing to storage, transportation and marketing.

International Alliances

QUAT Industrial provides OTS technical support in North America (Mexico, USA and Canada).

OTS Assembly is a company specialized in the creation of premium quality assembly machinery, with the ease of being 100% adapted to the production format of your company.

OTS is based in Turin, Italy. 
With 53 years of experience, OTS Assembly stands out for being "a company of local dimensions and global experience". It has a presence in 8 countries on 3 continents.


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